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Blanket Cleaning
All blankets, sheets, coolers, etc. are washed in an anti-microbial wash that stops the spread of ringworm, scratches, girth itch and other skin problems. Special enzymes remove odors and brighten colors. Contains NO SOAP and will not irritate skin. 

If your blanket has faithfully served you over a few seasons, it is probably time for a waterproofing treatment.

The Blanket Brigade offers repair services for both horse clothing and riding apparel.

Pickup & Delivery
The Blanket Brigade offers free pickup and delivery to stables in San Diego County with a 5 blanket minimum.  We also service most Southern California Show venues.  

Custom Billing
Our custom billing options are perfect for trainers with multiple clients, or a barn manager with multiple boarders.  We can provide client by client, horse by horse, ownership percentages, etc.